April 20 & 21, 2012


DAVID ROTUNDO (lead vocals, harmonica), JULIAN FAUTH (piano, vocals), ENRICO CRIVELLARO (guitar) with Michel Facen (bass) and Chuck Keeping (drums) rolled in to play BLUES ON THE RIDEAU @ THE COVE INN, WESTPORT this past weekend and absolutely blew the doors off the place with two fabulous shows to a packed house both nights. Multiple Maple Blues Award winner David is one of the most popular acts ever to play this Series - he's been here a record 4 times and always delivers a great show - but having Juno Award winning Julian on keyboards and international Italian guitar sensation Enrico on guitar with him made the night extra special. All 3 are old friends and they know each other's chops so well - and

it shows! They obviously had a REAL good time playing together. The audiences both nights absolutely loved the performances. Many in the crowd were first-timers to BOTR @ The Cove - devoted fans of the artists who came because of them - and judging by the Comment Cards they'll be coming back . It's hoped that this exact band will be able to return around the same time next year making them the first "annual" returnees to BOTR. Why not? You just can't argue with success.

The always delicious Cove buffet dinner got rave reviews as well. Lemon chicken and roast pork on Friday, roast beef and poached salmon on Saturday with a maple cream tart dessert to die for. And on top of it all the Ottawa Senators beat the NY Rangers Saturday night to take a 3-2 lead in the Stanley Cup Series!

$640 was raised Friday night for WESTPORT IN BLOOM and $740 on Saturday night for the WESTPORT LIBRARY bringing the total from this year's Series to just over $5,000 for various different local Westport non-profit organizations.

Quotes from Comment Cards:

"The food was wonderful, the music was absolutely amazing and the service was above and beyond. Thank you so much for making our first visit so awesome! 10 and 11 out of 10 for everything!" Rebecca Jorza, Kingston

"Amazing night! Our first time but we'll be back" Gerry Maher, Stirling ON

"My first time here with friends who have been coming for the past 3 years. Love the atmosphere, friendly staff and people and the great music! Great job Cove!"
Sherry Moreau, Ottawa

"This is the REAL House Of Blues" Denis Myers, Port Elmseley (3rd visit)

Feelin' The Blues

Feelin' The Blues, Part 2

David Rotundo - wow!

David having fun working Enrico's wah-wah pedal.

David captivated by Juian's piano playing.

Enrico & David with Cove twins Seamus & Jeff in behind

When the twins join the band - always a treat

Enrico Crivellaro, Michel Facen, Chuck Keeping, DAWG FM winner Debbie Gibson, David Rotundo, Julian Fauth and DAWG winner Colin Gibson.

Michel & David


Blowin' for broke

Birthday party of beautiful women in the Dining Room.
Enrico asked to be introduced!

The wonderful "Cookie Girls" from Ottawa who follow David Rotundo around to all his shows with deliciously baked cookies for him and the band.

Having fun?

Enrico feelin' the groove


Chuck on the skins

Diane Leduc Doran - Choose The Blues Productions, Jeff Cowan & Suzi McCulloch from The Cove, with Marcel Ouimet & Jean-Yves Lebel - celebrating the Sens victory!

Is Jeff having fun?

Chuck wants YOU! - Rotundo fingers

The Champines from Michigan and the Mahers from Stirling, Ontario first saw DAVID & ENRICO perform at the Puerto Blues Festival in Mexico a few years ago and have been following them around ever since. They didn't get enough the first night - had to come back Saturday for more!

Not only did Enrico make one of the longest walkabouts during a song in the history of BOTR (all through the room, behind the bar, into the kitchen, outside and back into the Pub) he also lay down on the floor while he played for awhile and found a beautiful dancer to join him.
Ah - those Italians!

Enrico behind the back much to the delight of the crowd.

Cove twins Seamus (bass) and Jeff (drums) Cowan dropped their waiter aprons and joined David, Enrico and Julian for a couple of songs on both nights

Julian on the piano

Enrico on the Gibson

Pamela & Bruce Boucher from the Kingston Blues Society - major David Rotundo fans!

Ruth Pedherny from the Westport Library receiving the cheque from Choose The Blues & The Cove
from MC James Doran

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