October 25, 2013


Alabama born boogie-woogie piano man DAVID VEST who now lives in Victoria B.C. opened the 9th Annual Season of BLUES ON THE RIDEAU at THE COVE last night and delivered an absolutely fabulous performance showing why he won the 2012 Maple Blues Award for Keyboard Player Of The Year. His skilled Ontario band EAST MEETS VEST - Teddy Leonard on guitar (formerly Fathead), Gary Kendall on bass (Downchild) and Jim Casson on drums (formerly Downchild, Johnny Max Band) - jelled perfectly with David’s piano and vocals keeping the dance floor packed all night.

David started his career in 1957 in the American south and has worked with some of the best over the years. He’s opened for Roy Orbison, played in Big Joe Turner’s band, wrote Tammy Wynette’s first songs and backed Paul DeLay’s Band in the Pacific Northwest for years before meeting his lovely Canadian wife Annie and moving to Victoria in the early 2000’s. You can’t be around that kind of talent for that long without some of it rubbing off and it certainly has.

David not only plays fabulous foot-stompin’, house-rockin’ boogie piano blues he can also play beautiful ballads with jazz and country blues influences. lf in all a wonderful night of music that even had some of the BOTR regulars saying it was one of the best BOTR shows they’ve ever seen. Watch for David to return to BOTR @ The Cove in the future and reserve early when you do - his next show will sell out in a hurry after this performance.

Watch for a new CD by David in the New Year. He recently signed with B.C.’s Cordova Records.Comments from attendees:

“Outstanding music, great foot & venue in a lovely town. 10 out of 10 for everything - 11 for the band!” Deborah Larocque, Orleans - DAWG winner. Their first visit to BOTR but they’ll be back.

“Hot, hot, hot Blues! Please keep it coming” Ray Cassidy, Godfrey (a multiple BOTR show attendee over the years)

“Awesome band and great food. Congrats to the chefs - crispy grilled veggies, fresh salad, delicious salmon and creamy pumpkin dessert. And all so close to Perth! 10 out of 10 for everything” Shari Brownstein, Perth (has attended 4 BOTR shows in the past)

“We come here every chance we get. No need to travel to Louisiana or anywhere else for great Blues, good food and ambiance. It’s all here. P.S. Even though every group we’ve heard here has been great this one was the best so far! 10 out of 10 for the venue, and the sound, 10++ for the food, service and the band” Andre Pelletier, Lombardy
$480 was raised for the Westport Library

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